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SINCE 2010.

Bedding Conference

The seed for Foreverbed was planted back in 2009 at the industry's biggest conference. All of the major brands had collaborated to shorten mattress warranty lengths in an effort for consumers to purchase mattresses more frequently than every 10-15 years. This followed a shocking meeting our founder had with one of these major brands while working at a large bedding components company. The major brand asked for the company to reengineer their raw materials to fail faster.

In a defiant response to this agenda, Foreverbed was founded the following year building highly engineered mattresses backed by a lifetime warranty.

Quality over Quantity

There is something to be said for making a product one at a time by hand. Similar quality simply cannot be achieved in mass production or by automation. The mission at Foreverbed is to be the very best mattress company, not the biggest. Only the very best materials are used in making our mattresses and they are tested different ways for quality to ensure top performance.  



It is more than just a mattress for us. It is about making people feel their best and live a better life because of it. Great sleep restores us physically, mentally, and emotionally. When we design and make our mattresses, we think about it all. Midnight pillow talks. Comforting a little one after a bad dream. Waking refreshed. Waking without pain. A place you'll recover in. Your mattress is more than just a mattress and our promise is to never forget that.

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