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The very best of bespoke bedding is made in the heart of the USA. Foreverbed Origin is bench made to order and can be completely customized to your exact needs.


Foreverbed is known for incredible quality, comfort, and durability - but what makes Origin unique is the fact that it is the only tufted mattress without a prefabricated quilted pad in the country. This would not have been revolutionary 40-50 years ago, but everything changed with mass production. These prefabricated quilts add loft to a mattress, but are typically made with very low density foams that easily compress over time. When a mattress fails and body impressions form, they are almost always a problem with the quilt. To truly make a mattress last a lifetime, it was important to design one without a prefabricated quilt. Origin quilts are made with lots and lots of alpaca fleece and then tufted by hand. Beyond a this drastically increasing the lifespan of a mattress, the resulting comfort is unrivaled. Origin is simply the most comfortable mattress on the planet. Sure, we are biased, but we aren't alone. Tens of thousands of people sleep on Foreverbed and the reviews speak for themselves.


Making a mattress that lasts a lifetime is more than just the quilt. Origin is the only mattress made without polyurethane foam. Poly foam is inexpensive and widely available. It softens and compresses faster than any other mattress making component. Fabric encased coils, latex, Serene, and alpaca fleece are the only ingredients in an Origin mattress.

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Alpaca fleece has a softness like no other natural fiber and was once known as the "fiber of the gods". Foreverbed Origin features several layers of alpaca fleece at the top layers in each mattress. In addition to being extremely soft, alpaca fleece is also breathable, hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and chemical free - making for the perfect material to be closest to your body.



NanoCoils are micro-coils less than 1.25" tall. They are used in place of poly foam to create enhanced durability, better air circulation, and responsive comfort. Origin uses standard NanoCoil technology as well Bloom Nano. Bloom mimics the feel and benefits of memory foam, while being substantially cooler to sleep on. Bloom Nano evenly distributes your weight, making your Origin mattress feel like you are floating on a cloud.



Talalay latex is the gold standard for mattress materials because it accomplishes everything needed for great sleep. Latex foam is allergy-free, temperature regulating, extremely durable, and naturally antimicrobial. The Talalay manufacturing process ensures exceptional and consistent quality. Graphite is added to absorb body heat for nearly perfect thermal performance. 


Traditional innersprings are made in rows and columns. Arranged in a hexagon pattern, our Honeycomb coils leave no gaps, offering much greater support and pressure relief. All mattress coils are 8" tall. Our coils have an industry leading six turns over those 8", and are electronically tempered for lasting strength and durability. These specs make our coils commercial grade, which is what makes a Foreverbed a Foreverbed. Like Serene foam, coils replace air within your mattress as you move around the surface, keeping you at a comfortable sleeping temperature. 


Lifetime Warranty

Foreverbed is built to last. Every raw material that goes into our mattresses are of exceptional quality and sourced in the North America. Our innersprings are made in Missouri, foam poured in Oklahoma, wood grown in Canada, and fabrics woven in North Carolina. We take great pride in doing things the old fashioned way, crafting our mattresses from scratch - cutting, sewing, and fabricating everything by hand. 


Our products are warrantied to be free of defects in material and craftsmanship under normal and reasonable use of the original owner. This lifetime warranty covers foam or innerspring compression greater than 1", delaminated innersprings or foam edge support, and all other components from manufacturing, workmanship or materials defects. Damage resulting from an unsupportive bed frame or foundation, abnormal wear resulting from failing to rotate your mattress every 1-2 months, or any other misuse is not covered. This warranty is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights which may apply. We will repair or replace your product based on the nature of the claim. In the event of a replacement, the replacement will be of a similar product if the original product has been discontinued. Transportation and/or shipping is not covered under this warranty and is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Stains of any kind void this warranty. Due to the handmade nature of our products, there may be slight variations in size and finish.

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